Friday, December 16, 2011

Miami Tango Soccer Club ::2013 Season::

Miami Tango Soccer Club Member of 
::National Adult Leagues:: 
  • Accomplish US Club Soccer’s goal of providing a vehicle through which clubs can offer life-long soccer to their members.
  • Expand adult soccer leagues at all levels of play, thereby allowing clubs to connect youth and adult soccer seamlessly, and develop "members for life."
  • Complete the US Club Soccer pyramid, by providing a competitive adult structure.
  • Follow the successful world model of full integration at all ages.
US Club Soccer National Adult Leagues offer a structure for adult soccer in the United States. At the core of these leagues are the principles that standing should be determined on the field, and that promotion and relegation should decide the standing of a club. Within a clearly-defined framework and structure, clubs can now progress from local to regional, and regional to national competition based on their on-field performance.

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