Friday, December 16, 2011

Miami Tango Soccer Club ::2013 Season:: National Adult Leagues U23

U-23 Division
The National Adult Leagues U-23 Division for men and women in the United States will kick off in summer 2013. This will provide top-level competition for college-bound, collegiate and high-level players throughout the country, with regional divisions offering qualification for a national championship, and local play for teams simply looking to get on the field during the summer months.
  • Age: U-23, with four overage players on game-day roster.
  • Gender: Men and women.
  • Timeframe: May 15 through July 31. This summer timeframe coincides with the collegiate offseason and allows players to prepare for the return to preseason, offering continued development opportunities during the summer. For non-college players, eventual plans include year-round play.
  • Structure: Summer season includes 8-10 regular-season games. Teams are able to play locally-only, or they have the ability of advancing to a regional and national championship.
  • Cost: Specific fee determined by the local league. The National Adult Leagues program is geared to be a low-cost league without prohibitive entrance or franchise fees.

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